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On August 13 we're introducing a new kind of smartcard to use on our buses – the Freedom card. It's free to get one and you can put money on the card to use on our buses whenever you want. Happy days!

To order your Freedom card, free of charge, just fill in the form below. When your card arrives you can then top it up on our buses or at our Travel Centre at Newport Bus Station.



So how does the Freedom card work?

The Freedom card works by deducting the cost of your bus journey or ticket from the card when it is placed on the ticket machine. You can use the Freedom card to buy any of Newport Bus' on-bus products including City and City Day Plus tickets. This means that if you have a Freedom card you don't need to carry cash with you to use the bus*. The card can even be topped-up when you’re on the bus making it flexible and convenient.


How much money can I put on the
Freedom card?

You can pre-pay the required amount you want on the card in multiples of £1, £3, £5, £10, £15 and £20, or combination thereof, either when you board the bus or at our Travel Centre at Newport Bus Station. The maximum amount you can put on the card in one top-up is £20, though you can store up to £50 on it in total. Your credit stays on the card indefinitely and only gets deducted from when you use the card.


How do I know how much money is on my card?

Every time you use your card – either to pay for a journey or to top it up – you will be given a receipt which will show you how much credit is left on your card.


Can anyone use my card?

Yes, you can give your card to anyone to use and you do not need to be with them when they get on the bus for them to use it. If you have friends or family with you when you board the bus you can also use the card to pay for their journeys/tickets as well if you want to*.


How is the Freedom card different to the PASSPORT and PASSPORT Plus cards?

The Freedom card is different because it allows you to put money on it to use on our buses as and when you choose to. Every time you use the card it deducts the cost of the journey or bus ticket from it. The PASSPORT and PASSPORT Plus cards differ from this because they give you unlimited travel across our network for the period of time you have paid for – a week, month or year. You can however top up all three cards on our buses.

How do I get a Freedom card?

The card is free and available from our Travel Centre at Newport Bus Station or online using the form above. You just pay to put credit on the card to use when you catch the bus.