Life doesn’t have to be difficult...

We’re making it even easier for you to use the bus with our new PASSPORT and PASSPORT Plus cards.

You can now top-up these cards on our buses and not just at our Travel Centre at Newport Bus Station. When you get on any of our buses you can take you card to the driver and pay to put a week’s travel credit on it.


How does it work?

Topping up your card on the bus is just the same as at our Travel Centre. You simply place your PASSPORT or PASSPORT Plus card on the ticket machine next to the driver and they top-up the card with a week’s travel credit giving you unlimited travel for seven days. If you already have existing credit on the card then your new credit will run when this expires meaning you can pay to top-up your card in advance.



How do I get a card and how much do they cost?

The PASSPORT and PASSPORT Plus cards are available from our Travel Centre. They’re free with no administration charges – you just pay for the amount of travel credit you want to put on it (week, month or year). You’re then good to go and just top it up as and when you need to. And if you just want to put a week on your card you can do this on any of our buses (monthly and annual top-ups can be done at the Travel Centre). If you are topping up on the bus, just remember to have the exact money.

How do I know which card I need?

If you just want to travel in Newport and not outside of the city then the PASSPORT card will give you unlimited access to these services. This is what we call the Zone 1 area. If you want to use our services outside of the city as well, Zone 2, including those to Cardiff, Cwmbran and Chepstow then you’ll need the PASSPORT Plus card. This gives you unlimited travel in both zones.


What if I already have a PASSPORT card?

If you already have a PASSPORT card and want to keep travelling in Zone 1 and 2 then you’ll need to upgrade to the PASSPORT Plus card at our Travel Centre. This is free and easy to do and any existing credit on your card will be transferred to your new one. You’ll have until July 28, 2012 to swap the credit on your card free of charge to the PASSPORT Plus card. From July 30, 2012 the PASSPORT card will only allow you to travel in Zone 1, while the PASSPORT Plus card will allow you to travel in both zones. Up until that date you can keep travelling in both zones with your PASSPORT card giving you plenty of time to upgrade to the PASSPORT Plus card if you need to. If you only want to travel in Zone 1 then you don’t need to do anything as your existing card will allow you to travel in this part of our network.