Tickets and fares

Newport Bus zones
Catching one of our buses is not just easy, but great value for money too. To help you get about the city and surrounding area we have two zones.
Zone 1 covers our services in Newport, while Zone 2 covers all Newport Bus services outside of the city. (Cardiff, Chepstow & Cwmbran)
When travelling in either one of these zones you will pay a flat fare of £1.70 for a single journey. If you travel between both zones then you will pay £2.10 for a single journey. 

Ticket Types
The City Day gives you unlimited access to all services in Zone 1 for a full day, while the City Day Plus gives you access to all of the services in both Zones 1 & 2.

Exact Fares
In order to ensure speedy boarding and our drivers safety Newport Bus uses an exact fare system on all our services. When boarding the bus you drop the appropiate amount of change into the money vault located in front of you when entering the vehicle, the bus driver will then print you a paper ticket. We advise that you keep hold of your ticket for the duration of your journey. 

For a full zone map click HERE

Passport smartcards
Our Passport card, which is green in colour, will give you unlimted travel in zone 1 for a week, month or year depending on the product you choose. The Passport Plus card, which is yellow, will give you unlimited travel in all zones for any of the previousl mentioned time periods. 

Terms and conditions
Click here for full terms and conditions regarding ticketing and our buses.