DRT31 (Marshfield, St Brides, Castleton) becomes routes 31A & 31C

Introducing your new routes 31A & 31C.

The DRT31 service is being replaced by the new routes 31A & 31C. The last day of the DRT31 will be Saturday 30 March. The new routes start after Easter Monday on Tuesday 2 April 2024.

What routes do the 31A & 31C take?

The new routes are as follows:

  • From Newport bus station both routes go via Royal Gwent Hospital, Mendalgief Road, Docks Way, Lighthouse Road and Morgan Way to Asda – the bus goes into the store’s bus layby too!
  • From Asda the buses operate either an anticlockwise (31A) or clockwise loop (31C). Route 31A goes via Pencarn Way, Celtic Springs, Castleton, Marshfield, Peterstone, St Brides, Lighthouse Park, Lighthouse Road and Duffryn Way back to Asda. Route 31C goes the opposite way, so via Duffryn Way, Lighthouse Park, St Brides, Peterstone, Marshfield, Castleton, A48, Celtic Spring and Pencarn Way back to Asda.
  • From Asda both buses go via Morgan Way, Lighthouse Road, Docks Way, Mendalgief Road and Royal Gwent Hospital to the bus station.

How has the route and timetable been decided?

The timetable is based on many of the existing bookings on the DRT31 so for most people there’ll be a bus at a similar time that you are used to. Buses operate as route 31C in the morning and route 31A in the afternoon to provide a convenient connection at Castleton with route 30 to travel to and from Cardiff. Following several requests, the routes will serve Morgan Way in Duffryn too.

Here is the timetable for 31A/C

Do I need to book the bus?

No. Routes 31A & 31C are a conventional bus service – just hop on whenever you need us.

Does it just stop at the points in the timetable, the old DRT stops or can I get on at other bus stops?

You can get on and off at any stop along the route.

Can I just get this bus from Duffryn into the city centre if I want to?

Yes – no problem. Route 31A & 31C are just like any other bus service.

Can I still use my bus pass?

Yes – routes 31A & 31C are part of our network so there are no changes to fares, tickets or passes.

The buses used on these routes will still be the smaller vehicles. I’m a wheelchair user, can I use these buses?

The buses are a little smaller than we use elsewhere but they have wide doors and a flat low floor with space for a wheelchair user.

Why are the changes being made?

The bus service to the villages served by DRT31 is funded by Newport City Council. The way bus services in Wales are funded is changing from April 2024. As a result, all local authorities have retendered the services they financially support. It’s also been an opportunity for bus companies and the Council to review the network and make changes to reflect demand. There have been several comments and suggestions about bus services in the Tredegar Park and Marshfield Ward – the introduction of routes 31A & 31C is in response to some of the feedback, as well as acknowledging the travel patterns of existing users.

We look forward to welcoming you on board soon!