Following the firebreak lockdown announcement by the Welsh Government, a modified timetable of all our services will be in place for the duration of the lockdown, starting Sunday 25th of October.  

Firebreak Timetable Sunday 25-10-20 - Monday 09-11-20 Firebreak Timetable Sunday 25-10-20 - Monday 09-11-20 (1808 KB)

No Sunday service will return for the next 3 weekends.

Please remember that only essential travel is permitted during this short lockdown. If you are using the service for essential shopping and medical appointments, we are politely asking you do so at quieter times to ensure there is enough capacity for key workers and those requiring services to open educational establishments. Social distancing will remain in place on our services.


Customers are reminded that the wearing of a face covering is a mandatory requirement on all public transport

For further information on the firebreak lockdown, please find the FAQs issued by the Welsh Government here.