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    The BAMBOO card is the children (5-16) bus card. Purchase your BAMBOO smartcard on this page. Please note it can only be used in zone 1 and 2 (which includes Cardiff).

    Why not use your phone instead! Download Newport Bus app to buy tickets, track your bus and check how busy it is.

    The smartcard is totally free with no hidden administration charges; you only pay for the amount of travel credit you require (a week, a full month, or a year). A weekly pass with the BAMBOO smartcard costs £11, a monthly pass with the BAMBOO smartcard is £33. An annual pass BAMBOO smartcard is only £350 (just 95p a day!), giving you one low price unlimited travel on the Newport Bus network all day, every day!

    When you order the smartcard online we send a pre-paid card to your delivery address. When the timed credit expires, you need to top-up the smartcard - either on the bus by cash (weekly top-ups only) or at the Travel Centre in Friars Walk section of the bus station for weekly, monthly or annual top-ups.

    If you top-up on the bus, please allow up to 24 hours before the credit is applied to your smartcard.

    The Bamboo card is not valid for travelling in our new Zone 3 (East Monmouthshire). You can, however, buy a weekly Bamboo MON WEEK paper ticket for £16 or a Bamboo 'Daily Network Rider' paper ticket for £5.50. These paper tickets can be used across all three ZONES 1, 2 & 3, so please retain your paper ticket.

    Note: The Bamboo card is valid for children between the age of 5 and 15 years (below 16) only. YOU WILL NEED TO COMPLETE YOUR DATE OF BIRTH ON THE PAYMENT FORM TO COMPLETE A PURCHASE OF A BAMBOO CARD ONLINE.

    Valid on Newport Bus only.

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