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    Newport Bus Passport Smartcard is ideal for the regular over 21-years old passengers. The Passport bus card offers discounted travel in the form of weekly, monthly or yearly pass in Zone 1, which covers the City of Newport only. The Passport card is not valid in Zone 2 or 3. For regular travel in Zone 2, you might want to consider the Passport Plus card.

    The smartcard is free of charge, with no hidden administration charges; you only pay for the amount of travel credit you require. A Weekly Passport (Adult) smartcard costs £15, a Monthly Passport (Adult) smartcard is £48 and an Annual Passport (Adult) Smartcard is £530 (less than £1.50 a day) . One low price for unlimited travel on the entire Newport Transport network all day, every day. Happy days!

    When you order the smartcard online, we send it to your delivery address by first-class mail, loaded with the credit selected. Once your credit has expired, you will need to top the card up - either on the bus (by cash for weekly top-ups only) or at the Travel Centre.

    If you top-up on the bus, please allow up to 24 hours before the credit is applied to your Smartcard.

    Note - the Passport bus pass covers Zone 1 only. If you need to travel outside the City of Newport (to Cardiff for example), you will need a Passport Plus (Adult) smartcard. The Passport and Passport Plus Smartcards are not accepted for travelling in Zone 3 - please purchase a paper ticket on-board the bus (see our Travel Zones map page for fares). Full details on the Passport cards are available on our page How Smartcards work.

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    Passport Plus (Adult) Zones 1 & 2
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