Network Changes - 1st July 2018

We would like to inform customers that there will be changes to some routes and timetables from 1st July 2018. Below is information by service of all the changes that will occur and links to downloadable timetables for you to keep. Printed timetables will be available from our Travel Centre very soon.

1/1B Rogerstone - The 17:45 and 18:40 journeys currently operating Monday - Friday will merge to serve both Foxgloves and Mount Pleasant leaving Newport at 17:45. The 18:40 journey will no longer operate. There are no changes to the Saturday timetable.

1/1B ROGERSTONE (01.07.2018) 1/1B ROGERSTONE (01.07.2018) (110 KB)

6/7 Alway - The 6A service will no longer operate with the 6 and 7 service operating a combined 15 minute frequency (Monday - Saturday) via a new route that will link Alway with both Ringland and the City Centre. The evening and Sunday services will be renumbered to the 6E with no changes to route or timetable.

6/6E/7 ALWAY (01.07.2018) 6/6E/7 ALWAY (01.07.2018) (722 KB)

10A/10C Christchurch & 20 Spytty Retail Park - After discussion with Newport City Council both services, which we operate under contract, will be merged to operate a new 20A/20C service. The new service will operate on a combined hourly service Monday - Saturday. Areas of Caerleon Road and St Julians will now get a direct link to Spytty Retail Park.

20A/20C SPYTTY RETAIL PARK (01.07.2018) 20A/20C SPYTTY RETAIL PARK (01.07.2018) (124 KB)

15/16 Bettws - Services will now operate a combined 10 minute frequency Monday - Friday and 15 minute frequency on a Saturday. There are no changes to the Sunday service.

15/16 BETTWS (01.07.2018) 15/16 BETTWS (01.07.2018) (177 KB)

 27/28 Caerleon - Minor changes to evening service journey times to improve reliability.

27/28 CAERLEON (01.07.2018) 27/28 CAERLEON (01.07.2018) (197 KB)

29B Cwmbran - Monday - Friday the 18:10 and 18:55 services from Newport, and subsequent journeys from Cwmbran, will no longer operate. The 17:25 departure from Newport will now depart at 17:40 and depart Cwmbran at 18:20. On a Saturday the 17:30 departure from Newport (18:10 from Cwmbran) will no longer operate.

29B CWMBRAN (01.07.2018) 29B CWMBRAN (01.07.2018) (131 KB)

30 Cardiff - Monday - Friday the 22:05 departure from Newport and 22:55 from Cardiff will no longer operate. On a Sunday the 21:30 departure from Newport and 22:30 from Cardiff will no longer operate. There are no changes to the Saturday timetable.

No media download found.

X30 Cardiff - The 18:00 departure from Newport and the 18:45 from Cardiff will no longer operate Monday - Saturday

X30 CARDIFF (01.07.2018) X30 CARDIFF (01.07.2018) (126 KB)

35/36 Duffryn - Monday to Friday, where indicated on the timetable, services will extend to Clepa Park/Celtic Springs via Pencarn Way to provide a combined 15 minute frequency. There are no changes to the Saturday or Sunday timetables or the 34 service.

35/36 DUFFRYN (01.07.2018) 35/36 DUFFRYN (01.07.2018) (771 KB)

40/41 Pillgwenlly - Both services will now operate vis Harlech Retail Park and Monbank Estate instead of Lower Dock Street and East Dock Road.

40/41 PILLGWENLLY (01.07.2018) 40/41 PILLGWENLLY (01.07.2018) (94 KB)

42/43 Moorland Park - Service will now operate a combined 15 minute frequency Monday - Saturday. There are no changes to the Sunday service.

42/43 MOORLAND PARK (01.07.2018) 42/43 MOORLAND PARK (01.07.2018) (190 KB)

74A/74C Underwood - The 18:55 74C will no longer operate Monday - Saturday. The 05:45 74A and 06:45 74C will no longer operate on a Saturday.

74A/74C UNDERWOOD (01.07.2018) 74A/74C UNDERWOOD (01.07.2018) (108 KB)

X74 Chepstow - On a Saturday the 06:10 departure from Newport and 07:25 from Chepstow will no longer operate.

X74 CHEPSTOW (01.07.2018) X74 CHEPSTOW (01.07.2018) (289 KB)

After discussions with Monmouthshire County Council we have agreed to simplify the single fare structure of the 73,74,X74 and 60 services. A number of fare stages have been removed to assist with this simplification. All other tickets will remain the same.

MCC Single Fares (01.08.2018) MCC Single Fares (01.08.2018) (41 KB)

For any further information or queries please contact our Travel Centre on 01633 263600.


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