Christmas Bus Fare Initiative

8 months ago Tue 30th Nov 2021

Newport Transport is delighted to announce that they will be taking part in the Newport City Council Christmas free bus travel initiative from December 1st to Christmas Eve. Let's make this Christmas a happy and sustainable one! 

Details of this initiative 

When: December 1st to December 24th - 7 days a week

What: Free travel for all journeys where the passenger boards and alights within the Newport City boundary - Newport Bus Zone 1. The scheme includes ALL Newport Bus services within Newport. Thanks to the support of Transport for Wales, this also includes the fflecsi services.

Who: everyone travelling by bus within Newport City boundary (Zone 1) - Concessionary pass holders are required to scan their passes as normal. Passengers travelling out of Newport or into Newport from other local authority areas will need to purchase their normal tickets. 

This scheme does not fund any extra services and does not guarantee anyone a seat. Normal Conditions of Carriage apply.

Please find below information regarding a refund for the multi-day passes purchased prior to the start of the free bus travel period (Dec 1 to Dec 24). All claims for refunds must be made by January 7, 2022. 

Passport / Bamboo / Youth Passport cards

The customer will need to present their card at the depot (160 Corporation Road) with the ticket showing confirmation of the expiry date.

Any days purchased that fall into the free travel period will be added to the current expiry date. For example, if the customer has a pass that is valid from 1st-10th December, a credit of 10 days will be added to your pass to cover from December 25th to 3rd January 2022

Weekly and 4-weekly tickets purchased on Newport Bus mobile app

All requests for a multi-day pass refund will need to be made via the Help and Support feature of the app itself. To do this, click on ...More -> Help and Support -> search for "Refund" and select I would like to contact support.

A coupon for the value of the days that fall in the free travel period will be emailed to the customer to use against the purchase of their next multi-day pass. 

Merry Christmas from the team at Newport Transport