Commercial Driver Training

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The Newport Transport Commercial Driver Training Centre is the leading provider of professional Passenger Carrying Vehicle (PCV) and its relevant Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) Driver Training in South Wales. Newport Transport is also host to the DVSA proving grounds.  

Contact us on 01633 670 563 or email [email protected] 

A learner bus driver in Newport Transport instruction bus

Our Driver Training Centre is responsible for providing PCV and CPC driver training for Newport Bus, the city’s main operator of public transport, while also being the Driver Training Centre of choice for private  drivers, small businesses, and larger operators across South Wales and the West of England. Our services also include Minibus driver training.

With its dedicated training school and expert team of trainers, the Newport Transport Commercial Driver Training Centre is approved by JAUPT, and offers specialised group and one-to-one training in:

  • PCV
  • CPC
  • Drivers’ Hours
  • Minibus

You will benefit from training on the DVSA Approved Training Facility proving ground. This facility allows our trainees to safely practice all the elements of reversing during their Driver Training.

For further information, you can ring our helpline Monday to Friday (except Wednesday) on 01633 670 563 or contact us via the contact form here