Lost property

Forgotten something on board one of our buses? We can help!

Multiple Items are handed in every day by other customers either to the driver or to another member of staff at the station or are found by our drivers and cleaners once a bus has returned to the depot.

To claim or report a lost item, please contact us via the contact form, visit the travel centre (when open) or ring 01633 670 563 between 9 AM and 4:30 PM.

If you find lost property on one of our buses, please give it to the driver or the supervisor at the bus station.

Any items that are handed in (except for any obvious perishables which are disposed of right away) will be stored at the depot for up to three months. All remaining items are either donated to a local charity shop or disposed of.

If a bank/payment card is handed in at the depot, we will contact the issuing bank (if there’s a telephone number on the card) to let them know the card has been lost and we’ll follow any instructions the bank gives us.  If no one claims it within 48 hours of it being handed in, or if the bank asks us to, we will securely destroy it to protect the owner from the risk of fraud.

If you have lost your Newport Bus Passport card, Bamboo card, Freedom card or Newport Council School pass, we can re-issue the Newport Bus smartcards for a cost of £5.00 and £10.00 for the scholar’s pass.

How can I check if my item has been handed in?

Please wait until the following working day before contacting us as it takes us time to process each lost item. You can then either contact us via the website, by phone or pop into our travel shop (when it re-opens) to see if we have your item.

If we do not have it, we will take your details and contact you if something matching your item's description comes in. If you do not hear from us, it means that your item has not been found.

How do I get my item back?

You will need to collect your item from the depot on Corporation road or the travel centre. You will need to bring some proof of ID with you when you collect your item.

Newport Bus travel cards (Passport, Bamboo and Scholar pass) can be posted back by 2nd class post, if you request it. 

Can I obtain CCTV footage to find my item?

We are unable to provide CCTV footage unless it is requested by the police. If you fear your item has been stolen, you will first need to contact the police who may then contact us to obtain the footage.

We will do our best to make sure that you get your lost property back as quickly as possible.