Mobile Tickets FAQs

Newport Bus app allows you to purchase and manage tickets for our services on a device, gives up-to-date and real-time information about timetables and bus arrivals for every stop.

How to download the app? 

To install the app and get access to real-time bus information and mobile tickets, head to the app store on your mobile device and search for ‘Newport Bus’. Select the app and simply press download. The Newport Bus app is available on Apple and Android (Google Play).

How do I sign-up in the app? 

You can use the app without signing up to look up real-time bus route information. To benefit from mobile tickets, you will need to create an account. To create an account, simply press ‘Tickets’ at the bottom of your screen app and you’ll be taken to a login screen. Here, press ‘Sign up' and follow the onscreen instructions to create your Newport Bus account.

How do I find real-time bus information? 

To access live bus route information simply navigate the map displayed on the app home screen and select any bus stop for which you wish to access information. This will display a schedule of services and their upcoming arrival times and predicted occupancy. Clicking on a service will also display a detailed breakdown of the service’s route and stops.

How do I find how busy my bus is? 

To view how busy your bus is, simply click on a moving bus icon and it will display the occupancy level. The occupancy is indicated as currently not busy, moderately busy and very busy. Click on the services listed at the bus stop to see the predicted occupancy level, when available.

How do you I purchase a ticket? 

To purchase your ticket, you will need to create an account by simply entering your full name and your email address. You will be requested to create a password and will have to verify your email address to ensure your own online safety.

Once logged in on the Newport Bus app, tap ‘tickets’ at the bottom of the app. This will bring up a list of available tickets. Choose the type of tickets that you wish to purchase, select a payment method, and complete the transaction by following the on-screen instructions.

What tickets are available? 

With the Newport Bus app, you can purchase city day and city day plus tickets, Mon-Day tickets, weekly or monthly passes and Bamboo or Youth annual passes.

How do I use my ticket? 

You will need to download the purchased ticket to your device before use. Got to the Inbox, click on your ticket and follow the on-screen instructions (internet connection required). A list of your active tickets is accessed by pressing the ‘Active’ tab on the app ticket screen. To use a ticket, click on the ticket you wish to use and place the QR code displayed on your screen under the bus’s QR scanner.

Note: After the download, your ticket will be locked to the device. Please make sure you use the same device that you will be travelling with.

Do I need internet access to use my ticket? 

You will need internet access to purchase your ticket and download it to the app. The ticket will then be shown under ‘Active Ticket’ and will remain valid until midnight that day. No need for internet access to open your active ticket when boarding the bus.

Can I retrieve my tickets by signing in to my account on another phone?

 If you change your phone or reset it, your tickets will have disappeared from your account. However, no worries, if you contact Newport Bus with the ticket ID reference, we will be able to re-issue it to your new device.

I mispelt my details. How can I change it?

 You can update your profile information on the app. Go to the main menu by clicking on the 'More ...' button at the bottom of your home screen, then select My Account.

Need more technical help with the app?

You can go to the More... area at the bottom of the screen and select 'Help and Support'. This will then open up a how-to guide to answer your queries with the option to email technical support. For bus related queries, please contact us through our contact form.