Service Changes From Sunday, April 24

2 months ago Wed 20th Apr 2022

Following a review of passenger data and the increased passenger numbers following the March free travel arrangement, Newport Bus is delighted to announce the re-introduction of timetabled Sunday services from Bettws and a new route – 9 A/C serving Spytty Retail Park. It is hoped that these new services will help improve the availability of fflecsi in other areas, which continue to prove popular. Route 30 and Route 29 will remain in place, serving Cardiff and Cwmbran respectively.

In addition, in partnership with employers in the area, we’re also excited to introduce a new route – the 5 that will serve the Gwent Europark, between Newport and Magor, which is the location of two large employers – the Tesco and Wilko distribution centres. This new service, built around the shift patterns will also bring an early-morning and a late-night service to and from the city centre and Ringland. Early morning and late-evening Bettws 16 services will also be in place to connect with Route 5.

To facilitate these two major changes, Newport Bus had to rationalise other routes, including school services. Full details are available below. Passengers are advised to check their regular journeys using the website journey planner or simply by downloading the Newport Bus app for real-time timetables.

Morgan Stevens, Operations Director for Newport Transport explains: “These are the first steps towards an improved network, that will meet the needs of the communities whilst providing an adequate alternative to cars. Our new schedule has been developed to ensure that the service offered is reliable and sustainable, albeit still less than what the people of Newport enjoyed pre-covid.

Since the pandemic, Newport Bus, like all other bus operators across the UK have been affected by a reduced number of drivers. As a company, we have made considerable investments in our staff’s terms and conditions over the last two years and increased our recruitment activities. Our drivers are key in providing increased service to the communities and therefore, they need to be recognised as such.

We trust that the people of Newport and others served by our network will appreciate these significant improvements.”

See below for the further details of the route changes - click on the route name to open the new timetable.

2A/C Newport – Gaer: The Saturday service will now operate hourly. 

5 Newport – Gwent Europark: This new service will operate from stand 5 four times a day in each direction to serve both Wilko and Tesco Distribution Centres at the Gwent Europark. This is service is open to all.

9A/C Newport – Ringland & Newport Retail Park: This is a new Sunday service – from stand 6 that will operate to the Newport Retail Park in Spytty, 2-hourly in each direction. It will serve Corporation Road, Cromwell Road, Ringland, Aberthaw Road and Chepstow Road.

15/16 Newport – Bettws: Both services will now depart from stand 1 in the bus station. The timetable has been slightly adjusted. A new Monday to Saturday early morning and late evening journeys are added as well as an hourly Sunday service.

19E Newport – Malpas: All journeys will depart from stand 2. There are slight changes to the timetables, particularly the Saturday journeys serving Blaen-Y-Pant, Oliphant Circle and Montgomery Road.  We have also added two journeys via Montgomery Road Monday to Friday and one additional journey on Saturdays.

20A/C Newport – Newport Retail Park: All journeys will now depart from stand 5

26A/C Newport – St. Julian’s: The Saturday service will now operate hourly instead of 2-hourly. To enable this, on Saturdays, the service will no longer operate via Clevedon Road/Tennyson Road.

29 Newport – Cwmbran: All Sunday departures from Newport will operate 20 minutes later, from 8:20 till 19:20, every hour. 

37 Newport – Rhiwderin:  All journeys will depart from stand 10. On Saturdays, the 11:00 return journey from Newport is replaced by a journey at 1015.

40/41 Newport – Pillgwenlly: All journeys will depart from stand 10.

60 Newport – Monmouth: On Saturdays, the first journey in each direction operates 20 minutes earlier. There are slight changes to the overall timetable.

73 Newport – Chepstow: On Saturdays, the 11:05 from Newport and 15:05 from Chepstow will divert to serve Mathern following a request from Monmouthshire County Council. There are also minor revisions to the timetable.

74 Newport – Chepstow: The route of the service to Chepstow will change to operate via Somerton Road and Newport Retail Park, providing an additional evening service to the retail park from the city centre.

X74 Newport – Chepstow: Some journeys will divert to serve the Gwent Europark, Tesco distribution centre only.

B1 Mount Pleasant – Bassaleg School: The two buses will be replaced by one bus only and the route is revised as follows: start from The Uplands (facing Newport), then Tredegar Arms, loop the Mount Pleasant estate then direct to the school via Chartist Drive and the A467. The B2 (Foxgloves - St. John’s Crescent – Bassaleg School) is unchanged and will continue to be provided by two buses. 

SJ1 Ringland – St. Joseph’s RC High School: The morning journey will operate 10 minutes earlier at 0800.

SJ12 Cwmbran – St. Joseph’s RC High School: The morning journey is withdrawn and replaced by a similar journey on the regular route 29 service. This service will operate through to St. Joseph’s RC High School. Pupils will not need to change at the bus station. The afternoon journeys are unchanged.

YGI1 and YGI2 Ysgol Gwent Is Coed:  Revised running times for the afternoon journeys to reflect the current schedule.