Newport Bus Fares Review

From Sunday 4th February 2018

Newport Bus has completed an extensive fares review in order to be able to offer their customers the very best value public transport options on our network of services covering Newport, Cardiff, Cwmbran, Chepstow and Monmouthshire.

The last fare review took place in October 2014 where a number of fares were frozen or significantly reduced. Since the last fare review the company has managed to sustain fares despite increasing costs. We have reluctantly made the decision to increase some fares due to increasing costs throughout our business including bus station departure charges, fuel, labour and parts plus increased operating costs due to increased traffic congestion.

Below are the changes to some of our most popular fares. A full list of fare changes is available here-

Fare Changes Feb 2018 Fare Changes Feb 2018 (193 KB)

Adult (19+) Ticket New Fare
  1 Zone Adult Single 1.80
  Adult City Day 3.70
Zone 1 Adult Passport Week 15.00
1 Adult Passport Month 48.00
  Adult Passport Year 530.00
  2 Zone Adult Single 2.20
  Adult City Day Plus 4.50
Zone 2 Adult Passport Plus Week 19.00
  Adult Passport Plus Month 57.00
  Adult Passport Plus Year 625.00
Adult Single No Changes
 Zone 3
Adult Daily Network Rider 8.30
  Adult Mon Week
Youth (16-18)*  Ticket New Fare ** (from April 2019)


1 Zone Youth Single 1.20
  Youth Day Ticket 2.45
Zone 1 Youth Week 10.00
  Youth Month 32.00
  Youth Year 350.00
Zone 2 2 Zone Youth Single 1.45
  Youth City Day Plus 3.00
Zone 3 Youth Child Daily Network Rider 5.50
  Youth Mon Week 16.00
Child (5-15) Ticket New Fare
  1 Zone Bamboo Single 1.10
  Bamboo Day Ticket 2.30
Zone 1 Bamboo Week 10.00
  Bamboo Month 30.00
  Bamboo Year 330.00
Zone 2
2 Zone Bamboo Single 1.60
  Bamboo City Day Plus 3.30
  Bamboo Single No Changes
Zone 3 Child Daily Network Rider 5.50
  Child Mon Week 16.00

* Youth Fares are available for 16-18 year olds who have a valid Newport Bus Youth Passport or a valid Welsh Government MyTravel Pass

For 16-18 Year olds to take advantage of the fare reduction you need to have a valid Newport Bus Youth Passport (Information and application available via www.newportbus.co.uk/youth-passport) or a valid Welsh Government MyTravelPass (apply via www.mytravelpass.gov.wales)

A 10% discount is still available when using the Freedom card. This smartcard is totally free with no hidden administration charges; you only pay for the amount of credit you require we simply deduct the ticket cost from your smartcard when boarding.

From Monday 5th March, the Unigo smartcard will be withdrawn. Unigo holders can transfer their existing credit, free of charge, to our Passport Plus product by visiting our Travel Centre in Newport Bus Station. If holders transfer this credit before Sunday 11th February we will add 3 days credit absolutely free.

At Newport Bus we want to ensure that we provide our customers the best possible ticketing options so from Sunday 4th February we will be joining the Weekly Network Rider scheme. This ticket can be used on most operators services in South East Wales. (Visit www.newportbus.co.uk/network-rider for a full list of operators). Prices for the weekly tickets are;

Ticket Price
Adult Weekly Network Rider 26.00
Child Weekly Network Rider 17.30
Youth Network Rider* 17.30


* Youth Fares are available for 16-18 year olds who have a valid Newport Bus Youth Passport or a valid Welsh Government MyTravel Pass

** Youth fares amended and valid from April 2019

You will still receive 10% off the above if bought on a Newport Bus service with a Freedom card.