Service Changes From Sunday, September 4

1 year ago Wed 24th Aug 2022

We are delighted to announce major improvements to our bus network since the Covid pandemic, with the reintroduction of evening and Sunday services as well as changes to the routes themselves. The changes will start on Sunday, September 4th, 2022.

The changes (detailed below) take into consideration a variety of factors, such as the continuing change in lifestyle and the necessity to replace cars with public transport. The data used is in part from the Transport for Wales fflecsi pilot which will terminate on September 25, the feedback from customers and the actual usage of the services.

These changes are the first instalment in an overall review of the network, which will offer passengers a network simpler to understand, better connections to onwards journeys and improved punctuality. The new services will be monitored over the next six months and will be adjusted in line with traffic hotspots and customer demand.

The main changes are indicated below. All the new timetables and route maps are available for download on our website.

The amended routes are:

1 Newport – Rogerstone (Morrisons):

A comprehensive new service, operating Monday to Saturday, restoring large parts of the routes 1 & 1B to High Cross and Mount Pleasant as well as the addition of the estate at Jubilee Park.

With early morning and evening journeys, route 1 will provide access to staff working at Morrisons and adjacent workplaces.

Route 1 timetable 04/09/2022

Route 1 map - 04/09/2022

2A/C    Newport – Gaer: 

A new Sunday timetable will operate as a route 2, travelling via Stow Hill and Bassaleg Road. There are no changes to Monday to Saturday timetable, apart from the Saturday 1740 journey which will operate at 1750.

Route 2A/C -04/09/2022

Route 2A/C & 2 maps -04/09/2022

5  Newport – Gwent Europark:

Addition of an extra stop on Meadow Road to serve Halo Foods. There are also minor changes to the timetable to improve reliability.

Route 5 - 04/09/2022

6 & 7   Newport – Ringland:

There are only minor changes to the timetable - some buses will run a little earlier or later at peak times, especially on Saturdays. The main change is on route 7 - the route is simplified and will serve the Royal Gwent Hospital Grounds, however, it will stop at Mariners Green, a short distance away. The 6:15 journey will now leave Ringland at 06:01 to arrive in the city at 6:25 to enable an easy connection at 6:30 with the 1 for St Woolos or the 30 and 35 for the Royal Gwent Hospital.

Evening and Sunday services are provided by routes 9 A/C.

Route 6/7 - 04/09/2022

8A/C Newport – Ringland:

The 8 C (clockwise) will now serve Ringland Centre. There are minor changes to the timetable to improve reliability.

Evening and Sunday services are provided by routes 9 A/C.

Route 8A/C - 04/09/2022

9A/C Newport – Ringland:

This popular Sunday service is extended to provide Monday to Saturday evening services to the areas served by the 6/7, 8A/C and 42/43. The Sunday service will now operate every 30 minutes.

All journeys will now operate via Lliswerry Road, Broadmead Park and Moorland Park.

Route 9A/C - 04/09/2022

Route 9A/C map - 04/09/2022

13 Newport – Brynglas:

Mondays to Fridays the 1450 journey will run at 1510. On Saturday all journeys will run 15 minutes earlier.

Route 13 - 04/09/2022

14 Newport – Ridgeway:

There is only a small change to the last journey Mondays to Fridays, now at 1730. The Saturdays journeys will run 5 minutes later except the one at 1720 which will run 15 minutes later. There will be an extra journey at 1035

Route 14 - 04/09/2022

16A/C   Newport – Bettws:

Route 15 and Route 16 are re-numbered 16A (anti-clockwise) and 16C (clockwise), which help explain which way it goes around Monnow Way. The other important change is the 0617 journey from Bettws, now 11 minutes earlier at 0606 to arrive in the city centre for 0625 to make connections with other services departing at 0630. This journey no longer continues to St. Woolos or the Royal Gwent Hospitals.

New early morning and early evening journeys have been added Mondays to Saturdays as well as other journeys Mondays to Fridays to increase the frequency to every 15 minutes.

Route 16A/C - 04/09/2022

18 Newport – Malpas:

This is a new service which replaces sections of route 19E, providing hourly journeys to Blaen-y-pant, Edison Ridge, Oliphant Circle, Montgomery Road, Claremont and St Joseph Hospital. Note that buses will operate the Claremont – Montgomery Road loop the other way around from currently and the buses will stop on the opposite side. 

Route 18 - 04/09/2022

Route 18 map - 04/09/2022

19 Newport – Malpas:

The new route 19 is now replacing the 19E service. It will be more frequent and faster as it no longer serves Blaen-y-pant, Blackett Avenue, Edison Ridge, Oliphant Circle, Montgomery Road and Claremont, which are now on the new route 18. This also allows us to use the larger electric buses to improve capacity and provide a more reliable service.

A new evenings and Sundays service is added. To enable connections to onwards journeys, specifically to St Woolos and the Royal Gwent Hospitals, the 06:09 journey from Westfield Drive will operate 8 minutes earlier at 06:01 to arrive in the city centre for 06:25 to make connections with other services departing at 06:30.

Route 19 - 04/09/2022

Route 19 map - 04/09/2022

20 & 21 Newport – Newport Retail Park:

These two new services replace routes 20A/C and the Clevedon Road diversion of route 26C. This enables us to have more frequent journeys to the areas. Both routes serve Bishpool and Treberth to and from the Newport Retail Park.

Route 20 operates via Church Road, Summerhill Avenue, Victoria Avenue, Christchurch Road, Beechwood Road, Gibbs Road, Christchurch Road, Christchurch, Royal Oak Hill, Chepstow Road to the retail park via Treberth and Ringland.

Route 21 operates via Durham Road, Bank Street, Heather Road, Hove Avenue, Clevedon Road, Upper Tennyson Road, Chepstow Road and then to the retail park via Treberth and Ringland.

Route 20/21 - 04/09/2022

Route 20 and 21 maps - 04/09/2022

26A/C Newport – St. Julians:

New evening journeys from the city centre are added at 1920 and 2120 Monday to Saturday as well as a Sunday timetable. Mondays to Fridays the frequency increases to every 30 minutes throughout most of the day. Buses will no longer serve Clevedon Road, Tennyson Road and Beechwood Road as they are replaced with the new routes 20 and 21.           

Route 26A/C - 04/09/2022

27 Newport – Caerleon:

Route 28 is withdrawn and replaced with a 29A, providing a service from Caerleon estates directly to Cwmbran.

Mondays to Fridays route 27 operates up to every 30 minutes and hourly on Saturdays. There is an extra journey from Caerleon at 05:58 that arrives in the city centre at 0625 to make connections with other services departing at 06:30.

Further evenings and Sunday services are provided by route 29A.

Route 27 - 04/09/2022

29/29A Newport – Cwmbran:

Route 29A is introduced to bring a direct service to Cwmbran via Lodge Farm – the route will serve Lodge Road, Lodge Hill, Anthony Drive / Roman Way and College Glade.

This change provides two buses per hour, Monday to Saturday between Newport, Caerleon, Pont-hir, The Grange University Hospital and Cwmbran – one as service 29 and the other as 29A. The Sundays service will be a 29A service.

Route 29/29A to Cwmbran - 04/09/2022

Route 29/29A to Newport - 04/09/2022

Route 29 and 29A maps

30 Newport – Cardiff:

There are no changes from Newport Bus. However, Cardiff Bus has advised that they will revert to their normal Mondays to Fridays service with some changes at peak time - from Newport, the 15:45 and 16:20 will operate 5 minutes later and the 18:00 and 18:35 will operate 10 minutes later. From Cardiff, the 16:55 and 17:30 will operate 10 minutes later.

Route 30 to Cardiff - 04/09/2022

Route 30 to Newport - 04/09/2022

35/36 Newport – Duffryn:

There are minor changes to improve reliability, the addition of early morning and later evening buses and an hourly Sunday service. The Saturdays service will operate every 30 minutes. The evenings and the Saturdays and Sundays journeys will no longer extend to/from Celtic Springs.

Route 35/36 - 04/09/2022

37 Newport – Rhiwderin:

Mondays to Fridays buses will run hourly until early afternoon. The 14:25 journey from Newport will finish at Rhiwderin Village and not serve Cwm Cwddy Drive, due to school traffic parking issues. On Saturdays, the timetable will run every 2 hours.

Route 37 - 04/09/2022

40/41 Newport – Pillgwenlly:

Mondays to Saturdays, there is an extra journey on route 41 from St. Stephen’s Church at 06:15 to arrive at the bus station to connect with other services departing at 06:30. A Saturday service is being restored and will operate every 2 hours.

Route 40/41 - 04/09/2022

42/43 Newport – Newport Retail Park:

In addition to a minor timetable change, on Mondays to Saturdays, there is an extra journey from Newport Retail Park to arrive at the bus station to connect with other services departing at 06:30. The Saturday timetable will be every 30 minutes.

To facilitate access to Halo Foods and other employers, some early morning journeys will divert via Leeway and Meadows Road.

Evening and Sunday services are provided by routes 9 A/C.

44 Newport – Spytty Park (Coleg Gwent):

The 08:40 journey from Coleg Gwent and the 14:50 from Newport are withdrawn. There are no changes to the 08:20 from Newport and the 15:10 from Coleg Gwent.           

Route 42/43/44 - 04/09/2022

60 & X60 Newport – Monmouth:

The timetable is fully revised to give better spacing between journeys. We are introducing a new express service (X60) in the morning and evening, diverting off the A449 and calling at Usk (Twyn Square).

The Saturday timetable is also revised completely. Most noticeably, the 07:55 journey from Newport will run at 07:30 and operate the standard route rather than the A449. An extra journey is also added in both directions.

Route 60 and X60 to Monmouth - 04/09/2022

Route 60 and X60 to Newport - 04/09/2022

Route 60 and X60 maps - 04/09/2022

73 Newport – Chepstow:

The Monday to Friday timetable is revised to provide an hourly service throughout most of the day. Most journeys are timed to connect with route T7.

There is also an additional journey from the city centre at 06:30 and from Parc Seymour at 06:53. This provides a convenient journey for those working in the hotels at the Coldra. On Saturdays, buses will operate every 2 hours.

Route 73 - 04/09/2022

74 & X74 Newport – Chepstow:

The timetable is amended to improve reliability due to 20mph speed limits along parts of the route. Additional morning and evening journeys have been added on Saturdays. A new Sunday service is also now provided thanks to funding from Monmouthshire County Council.

Route X74/74 to Chepstow - 04/09/2022

Route X74/74 to Newport - 04/09/2022

74A/C  Newport – Underwood:

There are minor changes to the timetable to improve reliability and an extra 74C evening service from Newport at 20:15. The Saturday timetable is now hourly. The new 74 Sunday service will also operate via Underwood.

Route 74A/C - 04/09/2022

Chepstow town services - C1 Thornwell / C2 Fryth Wood / C3 Garden City:

The timetables are revised to provide an hourly service Monday to Friday and every 2 hours on Saturdays.

Route C1 - 04/09/2022

Route C2 - 04/09/2022

Route C3 - 04/09/2022

The school services are in the main unchanged.

B1/B2  Bassaleg School: 

Route B1 reverts to its former route by starting at Mount Pleasant and operating via Cefn Road and St. John’s Crescent. Two buses will operate on each service.

B1/B2 Bassaleg School - 04/09/2022

DRT 31 / 62 / 63:

No change of service. This will not be terminated on September 25.