Travel Zones

Newport Bus network is divided into travel zones: 

  • Zone 1 includes Newport within the boundary of Rogerstone, Ponthir, Parc Seymour, Underwood, Bishton, Castleton and Rhiwderin.
  • Zone 2 includes Cardiff from St Mellons, Risca, Cwmbran and Llanfrechfa. 
  • Zone 3 includes all of Monmouthshire and from Risca to Ynys Ddu. Zone 3 is now divided into town zones and district zones. 
  • Forest of Dean includes Tutshill, Beachley up to Lydney. It covers routes C4 and 72.

What tickets will I need to ask for in each zone?

To travel within Zone 1, you will need a Zone 1 ticket. This can be a single, a day, a weekly, a 4-weekly or annual ticket. 

To travel to and from Zone 2, you will need a Zone 1&2 ticket. This can be a single, a day, a weekly, a 4-weekly or annual ticket. 

To travel within 1 zone only, for example from Cwmbran to the Grange Hospital, you can use a Zone 1 single at £2.20 adult / £1.45 child/youth or a Zone1 day ticket. For weekly or a 4-weekly tickets you will need to purchase a Zone 2 ticket. 

To travel within Zone 3 depends on how far you travel. Since April 1, 2024 and the extension of the Newport Bus services into Monmouthshire and to Risca and Ynys Ddu, Zone 3 has been divided into local zones (Magor, Caldicot, Chepstow, Abergavenny, Monmouth and Usk) and into district zones (Severnside, Chepstow District, Monmouth District, Abergavenny District and Usk District). For each mini-zone, you can have a Single, Day, Weekly and 4-Weekly ticket.

To find the fare for Day, Weekly and 4-Weekly tickets to travel within each of these mini zones, please check our fares page. To find the fare for the single journeys, you will need to refer to the fares PDF on the relevant timetable page.

To travel across zones, including between a local zone and a district zone, you will need a All Zone Ticket, which is available as Day, Weekly and 4-Weekly ticket.

If you are unsure, please ask your driver telling where you are travelling. You can also contact us by phone on 01633 670563 Monday to Frida 9 am to 5 pm or via our social media. 

MultiZones Ticket Schemes

Daily and Weekly Network Rider scheme

If you require to travel on different operators services, in South East Wales, Newport Bus is part of the Daily and Weekly Network Rider scheme. For more information about the scheme including fares and other participants, please visit our Network Rider Page. 

Plusbus logo

PLUSBUS is a bus pass that you buy with your train ticket at any National Rail station ticket office, or online. It can also be bought from self-service machines at selected railway stations.

PLUSBUS extends your train ticket by giving unlimited bus and tram travel (on most or all services) around the whole urban area of the rail-served town or city. There are no peak period restrictions, so you can hop on and hop off buses and trams as much as you like all day. For more information please visit the PLUSBUS Newport page.

My TravelPass Logo

We are also a member of the MyTravelPass Scheme. This is a scheme for 16 to 21-year-olds that gives cardholders at least a 1/3 discount on the equivalent full adult fare you would have been charged for tickets purchased on board the bus. For more information about the scheme and to apply for your card please visit the MyTravelPass Website