Caerleon, an attractive historic suburb of Newport City, is one of the most important military roman sites in the United Kingdom. 

At the National Roman Legion museum managed by the Welsh national museums, you will learn what it was like to be a roman soldier and take a stroll in a Roman garden. The museum is free and open to the public 4 days a week, however, you will need to pre-book your ticket. - follow the link below. 

The remains of the Roman fortress and baths, managed by CADW is also based in Caerleon. However, this is currently closed for renovation.  Check the Cadw website for up-to-date information. 

The Roman amphitheatre is a little further away from the centre and also managed by Cadw. It is free to visit and will provide a beautiful outdoor end to your visit. 

You can also finish your day in one of Caerleon pubs and restaurants. For further information on Caerleon, you can check Newport City website.

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