• Hospitals

    Buses to Grange University Hospital and Royal Gwent Hospital

    10 Services
  • Schools

    Buses scheduled for schools (Bassaleg, John Frost, St Joseph's, Gwent Is Coed)

    9 Services
  • Newport Retail Park

    Buses to the Newport Retail Park in Spytty

    7 Services
  • Monmoutshire

    Buses for Abergavenny, Chepstow, Monmouth, Raglan, Severnside towns & Usk.

    16 Services
  • 1

    Newport - Rogerstone (Morrisons)

    via St Woolos Hospital, Handpost, Risca Road, Melbourne Way, Pye Corner, Cefn Wood, Mount Pleasant

  • 2

    City Centre - Gaer

    via St Woolos Hospital, Handpost, Bassaleg Road, Melfort Road, Cae Perllan Road, Masefield Vale, Gaer Shops, Shakespeare Crescent, Gaer Shops, Handpost

  • 5

    City Centre - Gwent Europark

    5 via Maindee, Corporation Road, Cromwell Road, Chepstow Road, Ringland Centre, Glan Llyn

  • City Centre - Alway - Ringland - Newport Retail Park (Spytty)

    6 via Maindee, Aberthaw Road, Elgar Circle, Ringland Circle & Hendre Farm Drive | 7 via Wharf Road, Chepstow Road, Aberthaw Road, Ringland Circle & Hendre Farm Drive

  • City Centre - Ringland

    8A via Maindee, Chepstow Road & Ringwood Avenue | 8C via Maindee, Chepstow Road & Llanwern Road

  • City Centre - Newport Retail Park (Spytty) *Evenings & Sundays Only*

    9A via Cromwell Road, Nash Road, Ringland Centre, Aberthaw Road & Maindee | 9C via Maindee, Aberthaw Road, Ringland Centre, Nash Road & Cromwell Road SDR

  • 12

    City Centre - Sainsbury's **Free Bus**

  • 13

    City Centre - Brynglas

    via Brynglas Road

  • 14

    City Centre - Ridgeway

    via Barrack Hill, Allt-yr-yn and Fields Road

  • City Centre - Bettws (Circular)

    Via Malpas Road then 16A Anticlockwise around Monnow Way | 16C Clockwise around Monnow Way

  • 18

    City Centre - Malpas

    via Blaen-y-pant, Edison Ridge, Oliphant Circle, Claremont, Harding Avenue (for St. Joseph's Hopsital) & Montgomery Road

  • 19

    City Centre - Malpas

    via Westfield Drive, Russell Drive, Whittle Drive, Almond Drive (for St Joseph's Hospital), Rowan Way, Pilton Vale

  • City Centre - Newport Retail Park (Spytty)

    20 via Summerhill Avenue, Gibbs Road, Christchurch, Treberth & Ringland | 21 via Durham Road, Heather Road and Clevedon Road, Treberth & Ringland

  • City Centre - St Julians (Circular)

    26A via Caerleon Road, St Julians Road & Beaufort Road | 26C via Caerleon Road, Beaufort Road & St Julians Road

  • 27

    City Centre - Caerleon

    27 via Carleon Road, Caerleon Village (for Roman Caerleon), St Cadoc's Hospital, Home Farm, Lodge Hill and Roman Way

  • Newport City Centre - Ponthir - The Grange University Hospital - Cwmbran

    29 via Caerleon Village (for Roman Caerleon), Ponthir | 29A via Caerleon Village (for Roman Caerleon), St Cadoc's Hospital, Lodge Hill, College Glade

  • Newport City Centre - Cardiff (Customhouse Street)

    via Royal Gwent Hospital, Cardiff Road, Cleppa Park, Celtic Springs, Castleton, Old St Mellons, Queen Street Station

  • X30

    Newport City Centre - Cardiff (Greyfriars Road)

    Via Malpas Road, M4, University Hospital Wales (Heath Hospital) & North Road

  • Newport - Castleton, Marshfield, Peterstone, St Brides and Lighthouse Park

    via Docks Way, Morgan Way, Walnut Tree Farm Park

  • City Centre - Duffryn & Celtic Springs (Circular)

    35 via Royal Gwent Hospital, Docks Way, Lighthouse Road, Tredegar House Drive, Duffryn Drive (for Tredegar House) | 36 via Royal Gwent Hospital, Maesglas, Duffryn Drive (for Tredegar House), Tredegar House Drive, Lighthouse Road, Docks Way

  • 37

    City Centre - Rhiwderin

    Via Royal Gwent Hospital, Cardiff Road, Drinkwater Gardens, Gaer Shops, Gaer Park, Bassaleg

  • City Centre - Pillgwenlly (Circular)

  • City Centre - Moorland Park, Newport Retail Park (Spytty) & Coleg Gwent (Nash Campus)

    42 via Cromwell Road, Nash Road, Langland Way & Lysaghts | 43 via Lysaghts, Nash Road & Cromwell Road

  • Newport City Centre - Monmouth

    60 Via Caerleon Village (for Roman Caerleon), Usk & Raglan. Some journeys via Coleg Gwent Usk Campus | X60 via Cheostow Road, A449 & Usk

  • 63

    Cwmbran - Pontypool - Usk - Chepstow

    via Croesyceiliog, Little Mill, Coleg Gwent, Gwernesney, Llangwm, Earlswood, Shirenewton, Chepstow Community Hospital

  • 65

    Monmouth - Trellech - Chepstow

    via Penallt, The Narth, Devauden, Itton and Chepstow Community Hospital

  • 68

    Abergavenny - Monmouth

    via Dingestow, Mitchel Troy

  • 69
    The service 69 has disruptions

    Chepstow - Tintern - Monmouth

    via Wyesham, Redbrook, Bigsweir Bridge, Llandogo, Tintern Abbey, St Arvans, Chepstow Racecourse, Chepstow Community Hospital

    • Road Closure Monnow Street, Monmouth

      23rd Apr 2024 - 9th Jun 2024

      Monnow Street (near Nailer’s Lane) will be closed from Tuesday 23 April 2024 until the end of May.
      As a result, buses on Route 69 will not serve stops at Agincourt Square, Dixton Road and St James’s Square.
      Buses will continue to serve Monmouth Comprehensive School at school times.

  • 72

    Chepstow - Lydney (extends to Cinderford & Mitcheldean from 3 June 2024)

    via Tutshill, Woolaston, Alvington, Aylburton

  • 73

    Newport City Centre - Chepstow

    Via Maindee, Chepstow Road, Langstone, Parc Seymour & Caerwent

  • City Centre - Underwood (Circular)

    74A via Newport Retail Park, Glan Llyn & Magor Brewery | 74C via Newport Retail Park & Langstone

  • Newport City Centre - Chepstow

    X74 via Newport Retail Park, Glan Llyn, Magor, Undy & Caldicot | 74 via Newport Retail Park, Glan Llyn, Langstone, Underwood, Magor, Undy & Caldicot

  • 75

    Magor - Caldicot - Caerwent - Llanvair Discoed - Caldicot - Sudbrook

    via Dancing Hill, Acacia Avenue, Severn Tunnel Junction, Rogiet, Longfellow Road

  • A3

    Brynmawr - Abergavenny - Raglan

    via Clydach South, Gilwern (Orchard Close, Common Road, Cae Meldon), Govilon (School Lane), Llanfoist, The Bryn, Great Oak

  • C1

    Chepstow Bus Station - Thornwell

    Via Tesco

  • C2

    Chepstow Bus Station - St. Kingsmark

    Via Chepstow Community Hospital, St Lawrence Park and Chepstow Leisure Centre

  • C3

    Chepstow Bus Station - Garden City

    Via Tesco

  • C4

    Chepstow - Beachley

    via Tesco, Sedbury

  • CRS

    Newport - Chepstow Bus and Train Stations to Chepstow Racecourse

    **Chepstow Racecourse Event Days only: 13 April, 26 April 2024**

  • R1

    Newport City Centre - Risca - Pontymister (Tesco Extra)

    via Channel View, Lower Wyndham Terrace, Almond Avenue, Maple Avenue, Manor Way, Cotswold Way, Elm Drive, Gelli Avenue

  • R2

    Ynys-ddu - Rogerstone (Morrisons) - Ty Sign - Risca - Pontymister (Tesco Extra)

    via Channel View, Manor Road, Manor Way, Holly Road, Fernlea, Darran Road

  • T7

    Magor - Chepstow - Bristol City Centre

    Via Thornwell, Cribbs Causeway, Clifton Down, Bristol Royal Infirmary

  • Bassaleg School

    B1 via Mount Pleasant & St. Johns Crescent | B2 via Foxgloves & St. Johns Crescent

  • John Frost School

  • Afon Village to St Joseph's RC High School

  • Alway / Ringland / Glan Llyn - St Joseph's RC High School

  • Church Road / Beechwood / Nash Road / Corporation Road to St Joseph's RC High School

  • Malpas / Bettws to St Joseph's RC High School

  • Pillgwenlly to St Joseph's RC High School

  • Goldcliff to St Joseph's RC High School

  • Ysgol Gyfun Gwent Is Coed

    YGI1 - via Malpas Road & Allt-Yr-Yn | YGI2 - via City Centre & Gaer | YGI3 - via Caerleon Road, Beaufort Road, Somerton, Corporation Road

  • 711

    The Pludds - Ruspidge

    via Forest of Dean Community Hospital, Cinderford