• Hospitals

    Buses to Grange University Hospital and Royal Gwent Hospital

    10 Services
  • Schools Service

    Buses to schools (Bassaleg, John Frost, St Joseph's, Gwent Is Coed)

    9 Services
  • Newport Retail Park

    Buses to the Newport Retail Park in Spytty

    7 Services
  • 1

    Newport - Rogerstone (Morrisons)

    via St Woolos Hospital, Handpost, Risca Road, Melbourne Way, Pye Corner, Cefn Wood, Mount Pleasant

  • 2

    City Centre - Gaer

    via St Woolos Hospital, Handpost, Bassaleg Road, Melfort Road, Cae Perllan Road, Masefield Vale, Gaer Shops, Shakespeare Crescent, Gaer Shops, Handpost

  • 5

    City Centre - Gwent Europark

    5 via Maindee, Corporation Road, Cromwell Road, Chepstow Road, Ringland Centre, Glan Llyn

  • City Centre - Alway - Ringland - Newport Retail Park (Spytty)

    6 via Maindee, Aberthaw Road, Elgar Circle, Ringland Circle & Hendre Farm Drive | 7 via Wharf Road, Chepstow Road, Aberthaw Road, Ringland Circle & Hendre Farm Drive

  • City Centre - Ringland

    8A via Maindee, Chepstow Road & Ringwood Avenue | 8C via Maindee, Chepstow Road & Llanwern Road

  • City Centre - Newport Retail Park (Spytty) *Evenings & Sundays Only*

    9A via Maindee, Aberthaw Road, Ringland Centre, Nash Road & Cromwell Road SDR | 9C via Cromwell Road, Nash Road, Ringland Centre, Aberthaw Road & Maindee

  • 12

    City Centre - Sainsbury's **Free Bus**

  • 13

    City Centre - Brynglas

    via Brynglas Road

  • 14

    City Centre - Ridgeway

    via Barrack Hill, Allt-yr-yn and Fields Road

  • City Centre - Bettws (Circular)

    Via Malpas Road then 16A Anticlockwise around Monnow Way | 16C Clockwise around Monnow Way

  • 18

    City Centre - Malpas

    via Blaen-y-pant, Edison Ridge, Oliphant Circle, Claremont, Harding Avenue (for St. Joseph's Hopsital) & Montgomery Road

  • 19

    City Centre - Malpas

    via Westfield Drive, Russell Drive, Whittle Drive, Almond Drive (for St Joseph's Hospital), Rowan Way, Pilton Vale

  • City Centre - Newport Retail Park (Spytty)

    20 via Summerhill Avenue, Gibbs Road, Christchurch, Treberth & Ringland | 21 via Durham Road, Heather Road and Clevedon Road, Treberth & Ringland

  • City Centre - St Julians (Circular)

    26A via Caerleon Road, St Julians Road & Beaufort Road | 26C via Caerleon Road, Beaufort Road & St Julians Road

  • 27

    City Centre - Caerleon

    27 via Carleon Road, Caerleon Village (for Roman Caerleon), St Cadoc's Hospital, Home Farm, Lodge Hill and Roman Way

  • Newport City Centre - Ponthir - The Grange University Hospital - Cwmbran

    29 via Caerleon Village (for Roman Caerleon), Ponthir | 29A via Caerleon Village (for Roman Caerleon), St Cadoc's Hospital, Lodge Hill, College Glade

  • Newport City Centre - Cardiff (Customhouse Street)

    via Royal Gwent Hospital, Cardiff Road, Cleppa Park, Celtic Springs, Castleton, Old St Mellons, Queen Street Station

  • X30

    Newport City Centre - Cardiff (Greyfriars Road)

    Via Malpas Road, M4, University Hospital Wales (Heath Hospital) & North Road

  • City Centre - Duffryn & Celtic Springs (Circular)

    35 via Royal Gwent Hospital, Docks Way, Lighthouse Road, Tredegar House Drive, Duffryn Drive (for Tredegar House) | 36 via Royal Gwent Hospital, Maesglas, Duffryn Drive (for Tredegar House), Tredegar House Drive, Lighthouse Road, Docks Way

  • 37

    City Centre - Rhiwderin

    Via Royal Gwent Hospital, Cardiff Road, Drinkwater Gardens, Gaer Shops, Gaer Park, Bassaleg

  • City Centre - Pillgwenlly (Circular)

  • City Centre - Moorland Park, Newport Retail Park (Spytty) & Coleg Gwent (Nash Campus)

    42 via Cromwell Road, Nash Road, Langland Way & Lysaghts | 43 via Lysaghts, Nash Road & Cromwell Road

  • Newport City Centre - Monmouth

    60 Via Caerleon Village (for Roman Caerleon), Usk & Raglan. Some journeys via Coleg Gwent Usk Campus | X60 via Cheostow Road, A449 & Usk

  • 72

    Chepstow - Lydney

    via Tutshill, Woolaston, Alvington, Aylburton

  • 73

    Newport City Centre - Chepstow

    Via Maindee, Chepstow Road, Langstone, Parc Seymour & Caerwent

  • City Centre - Underwood (Circular)

    74A via Newport Retail Park, Glan Llyn & Magor Brewery | 74C via Newport Retail Park & Langstone

  • Newport City Centre - Chepstow

    X74 via Newport Retail Park, Glan Llyn, Magor, Undy & Caldicot | 74 via Newport Retail Park, Glan Llyn, Langstone, Underwood, Magor, Undy & Caldicot

  • C1

    Chepstow Bus Station - Thornwell

    Via Tesco

  • C2
    The service C2 has disruptions

    Chepstow Bus Station - St. Kingsmark

    Via Chepstow Community Hospital, St Lawrence Park and Chepstow Leisure Centre

    • C2 not able to serve St Lawrence Park Estate

      16th Nov 2023 onwards

      Due to the broken bus gate/rising bollard by Fryth Woods / St Lawrence Park, the C2 service will not serve the St Lawrence Park estate until further notice. From Chepstow Community Hospital, the bus service will operate to St Kingsmark via the main road.

      Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • C3

    Chepstow Bus Station - Garden City

    Via Tesco

  • C4

    Chepstow - Beachley

    via Tesco, Sedbury

  • CRS

    Newport - Chepstow Bus and Train Stations to Chepstow Racecourse

    **Chepstow Racecourse Event Days only**

  • T7

    Magor - Chepstow - Bristol City Centre

    Via Thornwell, Cribbs Causeway, Clifton Down, Bristol Royal Infirmary

  • Bassaleg School

    B1 via Mount Pleasant & St. Johns Crescent | B2 via Foxgloves & St. Johns Crescent

  • John Frost School

  • SA1

    St. Andew's School to Pillgwenlly Contact Centre

  • Alway / Ringland / Glan Llyn - St Joseph's RC High School

  • Church Road / Beechwood / Nash Road / Corporation Road to St Joseph's RC High School

  • Allt-yr-yn / Glasllwch / Gaer / Rogerstone / High Cross - St Joseph's RC High School

  • Malpas / Bettws to St Joseph's RC High School

  • Pillgwenlly to St Joseph's RC High School

  • Goldcliff to St Joseph's RC High School

  • Ysgol Gyfun Gwent Is Coed

    YGI1 - via Malpas Road & Allt-Yr-Yn | YGI2 - via City Centre & Gaer | YGI3 - via Caerleon Road, Beaufort Road, Somerton, Corporation Road