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Viewing the timetable for service C3

Chepstow bus Station - Garden City
Via Tesco

Route map

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Service C3Service C3Service C3Service C3Service C3
Chepstow Bus Station 08:47 09:50 12:20 15:00 17:20
Chepstow Tesco 08:50 09:53 12:23 15:03 17:23
Garden City 08:54 09:57 12:27 15:07 17:27
Chepstow Bus Station 08:57 10:00 12:30 15:10 17:30

Times shown are a mix of fixed 'Timing Point' stops and estimated times. Buses will wait at 'Timing Points' until the displayed time before leaving. See the PDF download for a complete list of 'Timing Points'. For all stops, please aim to arrive at your stop around 5 minutes before the time shown.

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