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DRT - Demand Responsive Transport
Request a DRT (Demand Responsive Transport) service for the rural areas around Marshfield (DRT 31), Bishton (DRT 62) and Goldcliff (DRT 63)
T7 Traws Hafren
Since the 4th of January 2021, Newport Bus operates the T7 Traws Hafren – Chepstow to Bristol City Centre via Cribbs Causeway Bristol.
Schools & Colleges
Select your school for specific bus information. For details on scholar passes, please contact Newport City Council / School Transport.
Chepstow Race Days and Event
Going to the races? Why not get there with Newport Bus? Find out all about it
fflecsi Service
A new on-demand bus service launched by Transport for Wales and operated by Newport Bus in addition to the services on routes 26, 11 and 1.
Coronavirus Updates and FAQs
Here is our commitment to your safety and well-being and how we can protect each other from Coronavirus.