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Newport Half-Marathon Bus Service Arrangements
Sunday 3 March 2024 many roads will closed from 6 AM until 11 AM. Click here to find your bus diversions.
Schools & Colleges
Select your school for specific bus information. For details on scholar passes, please contact Newport City Council / School Transport.
DRT31 (Marshfield, St Brides, Castleton) becomes routes 31A & 31C
Introducing your new routes 31A & 31C serving Castleton, Marshfield, St Brides, Lighthouse Park and Duffryn via Cardiff Road
DRT - Demand Responsive Transport
Request a DRT (Demand Responsive Transport) service for the rural areas around Marshfield (DRT 31), Bishton (DRT 62) and Goldcliff (DRT 63)
Timetable changes from April 1, 2024
Find out links to timetable adjustments and our new routes, to go live from Easter weekend.
Chepstow Race Days and Event
Going to the races? Why not get there with Newport Bus? Find out all about it
Easter Weekend Timetable Changes
Find the changes to our bus services during the Easter weekend.