Distillery logoSpirit of Wales is a no-nonsense distillery that creates Commemorative Welsh spirits and authentic Welsh spirited experiences, all inspired by the cultural heritage, people & landscapes of Wales.

Our spirits capture our Celtic Heritage and Welsh passion and are inspired by the different communities who contribute to the success of Wales.

The Spirit of Wales is found in every bottle of our premium gins, vodkas, and rums. It is a piece of home reimagined as our Steeltown contemporary spirits and our Dragon's Breath curiosity spirits.

Experience the Spirit of Wales

We can’t wait to treat you to an authentic Welsh experience.

Choose from our guided distillery tours, virtual tastings nights where you will discover our gins, vodkas, and rums alongside a game of music bingo. You can even make your own gin or rum to enjoy and share with your friends and family.

Come and explore Newport with us, and then get home safely with Newport Transport.

Spirit of Wales guided distillery tour

Celtic pattern at the entrance of the distilleryTour the Spirit of Wales Distillery in Newport

Join us for a guided tour of Spirit of Wales Distillery followed by a drink in the bar area.

Spirit of Wales Make Your Own Experience

Ingredients scooped to make gin and rumCreate Your Own Gin or Rum Masterpiece

Choose from our range of botanicals and make your unique gin or rum creation at Spirit of Wales Distillery.

Spirit of Wales Distillery Tasting Evening

A row of the variety of bottles of gin and rumTaste our Welsh Tipples and Play a Game of Music Bingo

Play a game of Spirit of Wales Music Bingo while enjoying a taste of our Welsh tipples and snacks.

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