Newport Bus Ticket Types & Fares


Newport Bus Smartcards  

Using one of the Newport Transport Smartcards, you can catch any of our buses at any time they operate, from as little as £1.90 a day. Happy days!

BAMBOO Smartcard

Newport Bus make it cheaper and easier for everyone between 5 and 15 years of age, to use our bus services with our great BAMBOO card. Happy days!

BAMBOO Weekly pass just £10
BAMBOO Monthly pass only £30
BAMBOO Annual pass just £330

Buy your BAMBOO smartcard online - just visit our 'Shop Now' section and click on 'Smartcards' and then 'BAMBOO Card'. You can also visit our Travel Centre at Newport Central Bus Station, Friars Walk, Newport, where our staff will be pleased to help.

Main benefits:

  • Cheaper Weekly, Monthly and Annual prices.
  • Travel to anywhere in the City wide area (ZONE 1), and to Cardiff and Cwmbran (ZONE 2) at ONE PRICE!
  • BAMBOO 'Pay-as-you-Go' paper tickets are also available for under 16's in ZONE 3 (Monmouthshire). A Weekly BAMBOO paper ticket costs £16 and a 'Daily Network Rider' paper ticket costs £5.50. You can use your paper BAMBOO tickets in ZONES 1, 2 & 3.  
  • ZONE 1 BAMBOO Single Tickets cost just £1.10 and £1.70 for ZONES 1 & 2. For ZONE 3 (Routes 60, 63, 73, 74 & 75) Single tickets - please refer to your timetable 'Fare Chart' which can be seen on the downloadable PDF Route Maps on our Bus Routes page.
  • No ID is required on the bus - just ask your driver for the BAMBOO ticket * .

BAMBOO - How does it work?

BAMBOO can be topped up with Weekly, Monthly and Annual credit, and is for everyone under the age of 16. You can top-up your BAMBOO card at the Travel Centre, or do Weekly only top-ups on the bus. You are never committed to having to pay for a ticket every week, month or year; you just buy the pass you need, when you need it. Switching from a weekly pass to a monthly pass? No problem! Don't want to top-up your card while you're away on summer holiday? That's fine!

How do I get a BAMBOO smartcard, and how much do they cost?

The BAMBOO card is available from the Newport Bus Travel Centre** or can be PURCHASED ONLINE. They're free with no administration charges; you only pay for the amount of travel credit you require (Week, Month, or Annual). A Weekly pass costs £10, a Month £30 and a whole year is £330 (just 90p a day). Once you have your card, you may occasionally be asked to prove your age with ID. And remember, only one low price to travel the whole Newport Bus network all day, every day!

When you order the Smartcard online we send the pre-paid card to your home address. When your credit runs low, you will need to top-up the card on the bus (weekly top-ups only), or at the Travel Centre with the required amount.

Remember - you cannot currently use a BAMBOO smartcard in ZONE 3. Please buy a paper ticket for Single, Daily or Weekly travel. Keep yourpaper ticket though - it can be used across ZONES 1, 2 & 3.

BAMBOO - Day Paper Tickets

BAMBOO pay-as-you-go 'paper' tickets are also available aboard our buses. BAMBOO Single paper tickets are for everyone under 16, starting at just £1.10 for a single in ZONE 1 and £1.70 for ZONES 1 & 2.

ZONE 3 'Daily Network Rider' paper ticket costs £5.50 and also allows you to travel across ZONES 1 & 2. Just ask for the BAMBOO ticket you need on the bus, and remember - no ID is required*.

What happens on my 16th birthday?

The BAMBOO smartcard will expire the day after your 16th birthday, and you will need to upgrade your card to a Youth Passport smartcard. For more information or to apply for this card please visit Please note that if you purchase a BAMBOO smartcard online, you must provide your Date of Birth on the Payment Check Out form. This allows us to set the correct expiry date i.e your 16th birthday.

* Newport Transport reserves the right to ask older looking customers for identification from time to time. The BAMBOO tickets are designed for customers under the age of 16 only.

** When applying for a BAMBOO card at our Travel Centre, Newport Central Bus Station, Friars Walk, you will need to bring proof of your age.

Passport & Passport Plus Smartcards

We have made it even easier for you to use Newport Bus with our Passport (Adult) and Passport Plus (Adult) smartcards.

You can buy these cards online, or at our Travel Centre. When you get on any of our buses and need to top-up your Smartcard, you simply pay the desired amount in cash and present your card to the Smartcard reader, to electronically add the cash credit to your card.

Purchase your card online, and we will send one out to you free of charge by first class post. Once you receive it, you can use it on any of our buse. You can visit our Travel Centre, to purchase or top-up your Passport or Passport Plus smartcard. Read more about how these cards work ..........

Our special discount Passport (Student) and Passport Plus (Student) cards, are for those in further or higher education aged between 16 and 24. These cards give you a big discount off the price of an adult Passport smartcard, meaning you've got more money to spend on all those important student essentials. Groovy! Read more about how these card works ..........


Freedom Smartcard

The Freedom smartcard is available to buy online on our website. The smartcard is totally free with no hidden administration charges; you only pay for the amount of credit you require. Unlike the Passport and Passport Plus smartcards, where you pay for unlimited travel within a certain period of time, a Freedom card allows you to travel on any of our buses whenever you want - we simply deduct the ticket cost from your smartcard.

When you order the smartcard online we send it pre-paid to your delivery address, you will then need to top the smartcard up once your credit is used. You can pre-pay the required amount you want on the smartcard in multiples of £1, £3, £5, £10, £15 and £20, or combination thereof, when you board the bus, or at our Travel Centre. The maximum amount you can put on the card in one top-up on the bus is £20, though you can store up to £50 on it in total. Your credit stays on the card indefinitely, and only gets deducted when you use the card. You also receive 10% discount when purchasing on bus tickets when using your freedom card.

Please note - the Freedom smartcard allows you to travel in any of our Zones. You can pass the card to family and friends to use, and pay for their bus ticket using your smartcard if you travel together. It's your choice - it's Freedom!

If you top-up on the bus, please allow up to 24 hours before the credit is applied to your smartcard.

City Hopper

Looking to catch the bus for a shorter journey? Then why not use the City Hop ticket and save some money at the same time! The City Hop fare is just £1.10 for journeys of three stops or less (inbound only) to Newport Central Bus Station. Happy days!

Family Tickets

Mums and Dads - save more than £5 a day with a Family Day Ticket! The Family Day Ticket gives two adults and up to three children, complete access to our entire network of services - including to and from Cardiff and Cwmbran Better still it only costs £8.50 per day. Bargain! 

Please note from Monday 18th September 2017 the Family Day Ticket will only be sold and accepted for travel in zones 1 & 2. From this date the Family Ticket for all zones will be the Daily Family Network Rider priced at £16.50.